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Hand Made 100% Organic American Made Aromatherapy Buckwheat Pillows.

Earth Friendly
Our BuckwheatCo. Pillows are made from natural materials and not harmful to the environment
Our BuckwheatCo pillows are made from the finest buckwheat hulls and are nonallergenic and grown right here in the USA
Our pillows are 100% organic without the use of pesticides, synthetic fertilizers or GMO’s. We use all natural buckwheat hulls, grown right in the USA. (Hulls imported from foreign countries have to be fumigated.)
Our BuckwheatCo. Pillows include a lavender sachet to enhance a feeling of well being.


For centuries the Far East has held the secrets for a restful and rejuvenating nights sleep. Now we at BuckwheatCo. have combined the ideas of the ancient world with the hard work of the American farmers to offer you our hand made Organic Buckwheat Pillow.

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I ordered a body pillow from buckwheat pillows over the summer and I fell in love with it. Today, I ordered another, so that over the winter months I will feel surrounded with my new favorite pillows. I love your pillows!!!


Jerry Douglas

I have used your neck roll pillow for over 5 years. It has allowed me to sleep better and wake up more refreshed without headaches or neck aches in the morning. I get reminded of how good I feel, after sleeping on the neck roll when I travel and forgot my Buckwheat pillow from you. I will wake up tired, and feel like I’ve fought through a battle in my sleep, along with a headache and neck aches. Thank you so much for your Buckwheat products.

Carl Sayles


I used to wake up with so much pain in my neck and I tried everything to get a good night sleep. I tried every single pillow out there, wedge pillows, beaded pillows, foam form pillows, hypo allergic pillows etc. I was also on the verge of getting a c-pap mask for my snoring at night. Fortunately, I spoke with Buckwheat pillows and the quality of my sleep has gone up, and my snoring has cut way down. I also wake up without the aches and pains of before thanks to Buckwheat products!


Chris Morgan

Return Policy

BuckWheatCo has a 30 day return policy. Our shipping to the customer is always FREE, however, if you are returning your BuckWheatCo pillow, we will deduct all shipping costs, as we will have a 100% loss on the product, as it cannot be resold.
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Five Star Reviews

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By Trisha M.

I love my buckwheat pillow! The customer service was amazing and very personable, you can tell they… more take great pride in every aspect of their company and product. I love that I can adjust and manipulate the pillow to however I am feeling that day. It helped a great deal with my neck pain and stiffness. I have worked in the dental field for 17 years and my poor posture with patients has done a number on my neck. Thank you for a great product and service!… less

By Aerial A.

Love these pillows. I have two body pillows and a head pillow…I cannot say enough about the… more craftsmanship of the pillows and how much comfort they bring me.… less

By Lori B.

After having a two level cervical fusion I was trying to find a pillow I could sleep on that… more supported my neck. I was very tired of wearing a soft collar to bed at night. After much research I found Buckwheat Co. the first night I slept on my pillow I was sold! I really love the lavender sachet it helps to relax me each night. I will definitely recommend your company. Thank you.… less