Buckwheat Pillows
With FREE Optional Lavender Aromatherapy Sachets included.
Buckwheat Pillows
The Finest Handcrafted Buckwheat Pillows Worldwide.
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Shop and compare the Price, Size, and Weight of our pillows to those of other companies. Also, our customers will receive a free lavender sachet and there is no charge for shipping within the 48 contiguous states.

American, handmade, organic, aromatherapy buckwheat hull pillows.

Earth Friendly/Organic

Our buckwheat hulls are grown and milled in the U.S. without the use of pesticides or fertilizers. Hulls imported from overseas must be fumigated before entering this country.


Buckwheat pillows give the neck and shoulders the support they need to relax, thus allowing for a better night’s sleep. Also, the head will stay cooler due to the air circulation between the hulls. And, buckwheat pillows are hypoallergenic and normally last much longer than foam or feather pillows.


Our casings, made from 100% cotton unbleached, Super Muslin, are double sewn for strength and they have an “invisible” zipper allowing pillows to be personalized. To insure quality, we fill our pillows ourselves when we receive an order. And, we try to ship that day or the next business day.


Throughout history, lavender has been used for its relaxing and calming properties. A free lavender sachet is included with each order and may be placed in the pillow to enhance a more restful atmosphere.


For centuries the Far East has held the secrets for a restful and rejuvenating nights sleep. Now we at BuckwheatCo. have combined the ideas of the ancient world with the hard work of the American farmers to offer you our hand made Organic Buckwheat Pillow.

Return Policy

Buckwheat pillows are very different from foam and feather pillows. Most people do not have any problems adjusting to the difference but some do. We ask that instead of simply returning the pillow because it feels different, to please try it out. Begin by removing a large portion of the hulls and saving them in the plastic bag. The next day more hulls may need to be removed or some may need to be added back.

If there are any questions, please send me an email. I will be happy to try to help. We honestly believe that buckwheat pillows are well worth a little adjusting in the beginning, for all of the years of benefits they will provide.

Should someone not be able to make their pillow work, please return it within the 30 days. We would appreciate a quick email letting us know it is coming and to make sure the return address is correct. We are also always interested in why the pillow is being returned because it helps us to do our job better. Upon receipt we will refund the purchase price less our shipping charges. We feel that pillows are personal items and we do not ever resell them. This makes a returned pillow a complete loss for us and we must therefore at least recoup the shipping charge.

Five Star Reviews from around the Web
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By Trisha M.
I love my buckwheat pillow! The customer service was amazing and very personable, you can tell they… more take great pride in every aspect of their company and product. I love that I can adjust and manipulate the pillow to however I am feeling that day. It helped a great deal with my neck pain and stiffness. I have worked in the dental field for 17 years and my poor posture with patients has done a number on my neck. Thank you for a great product and service!

By Cindy I.
I have slept on buckwheat hull pillows for over 45 years. I originally bought them because they keep my head from sweating at night. This is why I continue to sleep on buckwheat hull pillows. Every 8 years I have to replace the pillows. I am SOOOO GLAD I found the Buckwheat Co online this time. When I compared companies, I was intrigued about a US company that had all organic products. The pillows I received were excellent. The cotton casing and zipper were better quality than any I have had in the past, with a nylon zipper and small pull on the very end of the casing. From other companies the zipper has been metal and sometimes it is actually on the side of the pillow not the end so I could never sleep on that part of the pillow. I really appreciated the twin pillows and travel pillows having cotton pillow cases with a nice thread count that can be ordred in a range of colors. The pillows come very full and it took several nights to get the correct amount of buckwheat hulls removed, a little at a time, for my individual comfort. Pillows from other sources sometimes had an aroma, not really bad, just an aroma. These buckwheat hulls do not have a smell. These hulls do not make as much noise as some pillows I have had from other sources. I am able to get a wonderful night’s sleep. Gail was very helpful for customer service. I love these pillows and I really am enjoying the lavender sachets. I totally recommend Buckwheat Co for its products.

By Lori B.
After having a two level cervical fusion I was trying to find a pillow I could sleep on that… more supported my neck. I was very tired of wearing a soft collar to bed at night. After much research I found Buckwheat Co. the first night I slept on my pillow I was sold! I really love the lavender sachet it helps to relax me each night. I will definitely recommend your company. Thank you!