Return Policy

Buckwheat pillows are very different from foam and feather pillows.  Most people do not have any problems adjusting to the difference but some do.  We ask that instead of simply returning the pillow because it feels different, please try it out.  Begin by removing a large portion of the hulls and saving them in the plastic bag the pillow came in.  The next day more hulls may be removed or some replaced.   Please send us an email if you have any questions.


If you cannot make the pillow work for you, please send us an email letting us know you wish to return it.  This way we will make sure you send it to the correct address.   You have 30 days from purchase to return your pillow so it gives you time to try to adjust it to suit you. Upon our receipt of the pillow, we will deduct our shipping costs from the purchase price and send you a refund through PayPal.  If you paid by credit card it will go back into your account.  Pillows are not reusable so returns are a complete loss to us.  We feel we have to at least recoup what we pay FedEx.