About Us

A Brief History of BuckwheatCo.

BuckwheatCo. was created by our son, Ryan, in 2004. At the time, he was looking for a way to make a little extra money while attending college. The idea of making buckwheat pillows came to him while visiting one summer in Penn Yan, New York. Penn Yan has been the home of Birkett Mills since 1797. They sell buckwheat flour and hulls along with other items. When the time came for Ryan to return to school, he packed his little SUV with bags of buckwheat hulls even tying them to the roof of his vehicle. The neighbors worried that he would never make it back with such a load. When he arrived in Florida, he set up a website and looked for someone to sew his zippered casings. BuckwheatCo. was born.

As Ryan’s work load at the University of Florida grew, so did his pillow-selling business. He finally came to us and told us that he wanted us to take over the business in order to keep busy while retired and to help with expenses. Our son, Ryan does not believe in idleness. We are proud of what Ryan started and the standards he set for BuckwheatCo. Even though there is much competition with Amazon and other companies, we receive high praise from our customers who return time and time again, purchasing pillows for others or convincing friends to buy their pillows from us.

Jeff and Gail
Our son, Ryan, started BuckwheatCo. while he was in college and later gave it to us to supplement our retirement. We are now retired and have moved to the Orlando area to be near our daughter, Jennifer, her husband, Brian, and our precious granddaughters Abigail and Ainsley-Grace. Ryan and Annie live about an hour away so that isn’t too bad.

We have been blessed by wonderful customers who have really kept us going through the ups and downs of the economy. They have told friends about us and have sent pillows to friends and family for birthdays or the holidays. We try hard to keep our prices as low as possible and also keep up the standards Ryan set. We are proud of our little company. If you have any questions please write us at parrishbuckwheat@gmail.com